How to execute a Corporate Film Project of TATA WIRON

Tata Wiron is the preferred supplier of steel wires across diverse industry segments ranging from construction, automotive and power to general engineering and retail. All our products adhere to global standards, while being tested and approved by international accreditation institutes and labs.

Overall Impressions

The way I’m visualizing this, the film is primarily about relationships, and the trust that one can build through them, long term, sustainable relationships, labors of love.

The relationship between a farmer and his crops is sacred, it tells a story of pure creation, and all the love and hard work the farmer must have to grow something living from the soil. 

The film works upon a metaphor of comparing the rearing of a crop to the raising of a child, and takes the viewer through a visually stimulating, emotionally touching journey, building up on a very important question-

With all of this at stake, who does the farmer choose to trust?

TATA Wiron, and with absolute good reason. 

That is the crux of the film, the beating heart around which the rest of the narrative has been crafted. 

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A Note on Cinematic Treatment

The idea behind the treatment is to follow a farmer’s story as he grows a crop of grapes. 

The farmer talks, and throughout the narrative his voice-over guides the film. We never see him talk directly to the camera, as one would in a documentary, to give an indirect sense of stylisation. 

The focus of this film is a curated balance between the wires and the grapes, and we follow them closely, building our world around them, and see how TATA Wiron helps the grapes grow and flourish.

The Narrative

The CAMERA tracks through the streets of a small, unnamed town at dawn. The sun has just begun to rise, and life is beginning to stir, sleepily. A track through a dirt road, leading away from the town, towards more open landscapes. A vehicle slowly travels on this road as the day begins. A track through fields, field’s that will later become a grape farming patch, and finally we see the FARMER’S house in the distance. 

The farmer wakes up at dawn. He washes his hands and his face, and leaves for his field. With a tractor, he starts, levelling the soil, creating rows for planting. 

V.O: My father used to say that all good things come from the soil.

He takes a break, and sits by the soil, feeling it with his fingers. A MACRO shot of the soil as his fingers rub it. 

V.O: The soil is yours, but in many ways, you are the soil. 

He begins to spread fertilizer in the rows of soil.

he camera tracks in inside a small storeroom. It has tools and equipment, and at the very end, a sack, open. It is filled with grape seeds. 

V.O: It’s like...being a parent. What is a child?

A single seed is examined in between fingers. It catches the sunlight, causing a flare. 

V.O: A promise. Limitless potential. 

The single seed is planted. A long shot of the farmer planting a row of seeds. 

V.O: But a child has to be nurtured. Cared for. 

Water, flowing from a tap into a watering can/hose. Water falling, into the soil; the farmer waters the seeds. In a macro shot of the soil, a trickle of water moves in a corner.

V.O: Hunger and thirst are very real, and must be taken care of. The child must live.

Over a montage, the seeds begin to sprout. The sun, flaring. The farmer keeps up the fertilizer and water as leaves sprout, and the plant begins to grow. 

The farmer, driving a small mini-truck (with an open back) on the dirt road. He parks at the house. He unloads TATA Wires, neatly packaged. 

V.O: Because every child needs the right kind of support to grow. 

The farmer starts building support cages for the plants, and then installs them. A shot of all the wired cages, neatly in rows, the steel gleaming. He ties the tip of the shoots to the wire. A macro of how a plant has curled around the cage, almost lovingly.

V.O: And grow further, keep growing. Because the parent must do what is best for the child. 

The plants have grown, flowers have slowly begun to appear. The farmer gets up again, at dawn, and heads to his fields with a sack of fertilizer. 

The farmer begins to install poles around the crops, and with TATA wires, builds a cloth roof for the plants. He tests the wires for strength, and they are noticeably firm. The sun shines blindingly, but the plants are protected.

V.O: Sometimes the child just needs a little respite, a little shade. One has to understand that. 

He begins to build a fence around the grape enclosure, with TATA wires. In the foreground, we see the plants have grown further, as the farmer installs the fence in the background. We see a ready fence, and a couple of cows that walk beyond. A close up of a cow, turning its head.

V.O: Sometimes the child needs to be protected, from everything out there. And when it comes to protection, some things are beyond price.

The sun dawns on the grape enclosure. The plants are dense, spiralling up the wires, forming a natural leafy roof. A montage of heavy, healthy grapes hang from the plants. 

A group of helpers are picking the grapes now, and putting them in baskets. CUT to a small montage of grapes, served for consumption, in three different tables, different bowls, different kinds of light.

V.O: The country trusts me to produce, and I will do my part.

The farmer walks among his workers, occasionally giving instructions. He pauses and runs his hand on a bunch of grapes.

V.O: For me, trust is about not having to worry. Trust is about knowing that hard work pays off. 

The farmer then puts his hand on the steel wires supporting the plants and again, tests it for strength. It is as firm as ever.

He nods to himself with the hint of a smile, and then walks off among the workers. CUT to a blank screen, where the TATA Wiron tagline and final super fade in. 

V.O: And suddenly, one day, they’ve grown up. And that’s what it’s about, you know. Loving my produce like I would love my child.

V.O: Trust is about knowing that someone will never let you down.

The mood is earthy, self made; following the story of a man who has worked hard to provide, both for himself and the country, a man who creates. There is relatability, beauty, and an emotional connect.

The wires are in the centre of it all, shot alongside nature, hand and hand with nature, it is emphasized that TATA wires are the farmer’s choice, above all. And they do their job extremely well, nurturing nature, and through it, the produce.

The short montage of grapes on a table, ready to eat, creates a sudden aesthetic euphoria; look how beautiful the grapes look. It all started with a seed.

The cinematography will be aesthetic, well composed shots that play with depth and lighting to create overall mood and ambience. The grape farm will be established as its own universe with a link with the rest of the world.

Let's talk about Music

I’m hearing the music as something composed from strings, light and heavy; using instruments like the charango and the double-bass to create a sense of time. The track will speed up and slow down according to the film. Please listen to the tracks listed above to get an overall feel of the mood.

Style References

Do watch the following references. Each film has certain elements you’ll need to look at, I’ve mentioned them below each.

Narrative based around product, detailing, following a subject, close up, film structure.

Cinematography, Voice-over treatment, following a protagonist, music, editing.

Cinematography, capturing mood and essence of a place, full circle back to product, editing.

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