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(actor, director, writer, editor, sound designer, graphics, photography) UNKNOWN is a Sci-fi Mystery with English language. Its a story around a boy's life, whose name is Alex. who is good Hacker/cracker. And he love to create/write computer programs. After receiving an unknown letter & call something bad happened unbelievable - After putting lots of efforts he finished it his own way.


My name is Akhilesh Tripathi and I am a film director and producer who is making short films and documentary films. I joined the film industry in 2011 after a brief career as a graphic Designer and made my first short film in Dec of 2011, since then, I've made one other short films. Here are some samples of my work! 

my first student short film WHATNEXT 2011, amazing experience with this film and got lots of best comments by professionals. 

'Maha Kumbh' is my first documentary film, its hard to done all things by me. it was the most famous festival in INDIA 2013. It also screening at 

My most famous short film "UNKNOWN" 2014 
watch the movie

We endeavour to get this film out to as many film festivals as possible but most of all, we need to get this film made so please help fund us and also take advantage of some great rewards/film credit!

What We Need 

We are crowdfunding for production funds for the film. We hope to raise $160,000 and will be breaking down into the following:
* Pre production-  11%
*Shooting/production- 39%
*visual effects/post production- 13%
*studio sets- 6%
*Camera/Equipment- 8%
*Talent/Actors- 21%
* Insurance- 2%

All funds are deposit on I LOVE ONLY PRODUCTION office account 

We will applying for other funds as well so ensure that the project gets made and approaching potential investors just in case we don't reach our crowdfunding goal!

BUT for the amount that you donate to the campaign, you can get some fantastic rewards such as you get the best credit on the film. If you are not able to contribute with money, please share our video to help spread the word.  

For all you budding entrepreneurs and business executives, this is a great chance to put your name to a film that might make it to international film festivals and get a little bit of press and marketing for yourself or your business. 

What You Get/Benefits

  • you get rights of this film
  • you can promote more and purchase more crowd for this film
  • you are producer/investor of this film So you get credit in this film..

There is a merit to sharing stories and the reality of what might happen in this part of the world but we have struggled in raising funds for this reason. This is why we are taking the film onto an international platform and hope we get the support from you, the people, who want to see important and entertaining films being made.

Because I've made films before, you can guarantee that the quality will be great; but even I don't know how the film might turn out! Filmmaking is an adventure and a journey and we each have very unique minds and brains. We have a script, cast and crew who can't wait to be involved and hopefully a bunch of supporters from all over the world.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help! By sharing the link with others, using the Crowdfunding share tools and blasting an email out to friends or family you know who might be keen in supporting this story, you will be doing us a massive favor and we thank you for your support!

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