We did Scripting, videography and post-production for advertising, marketing, client presentation or getting viral. WE ARE "I LOVE ONLY PRODUCTION" watch the video RUNAYA (A VENDANT COMPANY) The worldwide aluminium industry produces nearly five million tons of furnace waste each year known as Aluminium dross which is considered as a Hazardous Waste. Traditionally, black and white dross is disposed of in landfill, costing the industry an estimated £50 million and also creating environment pollution. Currently, in India, the unscientific disposal of hazardous waste has become a significant environmental issue Coupled with growing unavailability of secure landfill sites to safely store this waste. Runaya addresses these biggest challenges faced by the aluminium industry, relating to handling, evacuation and processing/marketing of dross in an environmentally friendly manner with zero waste and zero discharge. Runaya provides a cutting edge technology where the Aluminium dross being firstly treated in hot condition through its innovative Hot Dross Processing System where the Aluminium dross being collected in a specially designed Pans directly from Smelters/Furnace and process for substantial metal recovery. The collected metal from this process being handed over to the Aluminium Manufacturer for converting into Finished Product. The balance dross after Hot Dross Processing, Runaya further provided a solution for treatment through its Cold Dross processing where the remaining Aluminium metal will be separated and residual dross being converted into powder form for further utilisation. Runaya is consistently recovering 40% of Aluminium metal through its innovative and cutting edge technology in Hot Dross and Cold Dross forms. The Balance dross in powder from is taken to Runaya’s Briquetting plant where the Aluminium dross is converted into Briquettes which is a value added product for Steel manufacturer to use as Slag Conditioner for steel desuperization process. This innovative technology of Runaya has not only solved the biggest concern of Aluminium Sector on handling and utilisation of Aluminium Dross which is considered as hazardous waste, has additionally given back the substantial portion of Aluminium by its recovery process and effectively converting balance dross into a value-added product with more environmentally friendly manner without leading to landfilling and wasting natural resources. Runaya is rapidly moving to become more gender inclusive. Today, more than 50% workforce constitute women at various operational and other roles. Runaya is committed for society and to the environment.

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