How to earn money from music video projects?

How to earn money from music video projects and how the ILO production team executes the whole music video project in time. 

we produce all kinds of videos like social media video, promotional video, corporate video, industrial video, ads, documentaries, and short films. 

But this time we got a different kind of video which is a music album. this is our first time so it was a little challenging for us. but thanks to my team to get it done very well.  

let's start from the beginning

How do I get the project

we have many resources and references in our network to get projects we never decline any opportunities, maybe this is our Unice selling point and even we have a business coordinator person who times to time handle all our clients.

we got a mail from Dr. Julian Owens from Texas, the USA In the month of August 2020 (Covid-19 phase). all we know that we are in this bad coronavirus situation. people are dying. many businesses are closed.

So, Dr. Julian Owens has the plan to make a music album for this bad time era. He is good at singing and piano artist. he said as a hobbyist he does regularly doing his singing and piano practices.

listen to his song 

He was looking for an Artist/ Creative Director for a short film entitled: "In Times Like These". His vision is to make a film using the music from an upcoming album as the soundtrack to mostly publicly sourced, existing photos and videos. HIs envisioning this publicly sourced content that would be strung together to thoughtfully connect the music with the images.

He wants to present a compelling, emotionally stirring blend of sobering content with a message of hope and healing, and an invitation to be engaged in life in a new way, in times like these. The film would be about 
35- minutes in length. He would like the visual images to be through a local, national, and global lens. Suggested content includes the following which is all supported by the song lyrics:
1. Racial, economic, religious, and ideologic tensions 2. Desperation, hopelessness, rage, violence, oppression, generational trauma 3. Political theater 4. Civil rights (the challenges and the triumphs) 5. Black, Asian, Indian, Latino families 6. Immigration ("walls") 7. Faith perspectives 8. Celebration of Hope 9. Love 1 10. Romance (including tasteful portrayals of same-gender-loving couples and families)  

The synopsis of each song would be helpful in conveying how you might approach selecting the visuals. 

The name of the short music video : In Times Like These. The name of each song time/"video" is in the document he provided. The names of the interludes [which connect each video to make a short film] can be either: a) the name of the song it precedes,

contrasting images of someone troubled with a humble plea for serenity (surround me) is what this song is about. He needs that captured in images using publicly sourced images and videos.

 He has decided to get a bit more involved by extracting themes from the lyrics of each song and describing the imagery [footage or pics] that illustrate some connection or contrast. He shares that with us in hopes we are able to provide a quick demo of how we are interpreting my "story" board?

He needs help co-producing 9 music videos that he wants to be combined with 8 interesting interludes strung together to create a short film. he wants to use news clippings and videos reflecting how things have changed over the years, going back in time, drawing a contrast and highlighting similarities between then and now.

Here is a reference video

It's a great example of what I'm looking for. The challenge is they both feature the band members, and I'd prefer not to be in the video, or for me not to be a central character. Instead, He wants the themes in the lyrics to carry the story.

watch the final video


His feedback was awesome and he would like to work with you on another project for sure.

He gave us another project 
which was also a music video (not featuring the artist) about a fantasy love. In this video, He'd like to go out on the ledge and try something we rarely see. 
He'd like to see very tasteful footage of gay couples who just each other....begin falling in love...leads to a marriage or committed relationship....but it was all a dream....just a fantasy because our society (religion, laws, tradition, fear, prejudice, discrimination, etc.) won't allow these couples the same rights as other couples.

Instead of what he initially described, this project will be conceptualized through the lens of African Americans living in black skin in the United States of America. The idea was to present footage and photographs of what it's like to live in a black body in the United States during my lifetime period. 
so I suggest him to feature him on the video but he refuses.
He didn't wish to be in the video, but he is looking for existing footage that presents this perspective.

He wants to use existing footage (photos and film) that tell a compelling story of resilience as black people and minorities overcoming trauma, trials, tribulation and celebrates the triumphant spirit of being grounded in faith, family, friends, fellowship and fighting for justice. In the end, the younger generation to understand that even though these are difficult times we're living in, we will get through times like these by clinging to our faith, family, friends and an unyielding commitment to fighting for liberty and justice for all. So creates the individual videos that may later be edited to include cutaways featuring short interviews in between. This way the interviews can be separate from the "music video". he had planned to shop this to major sponsors/investors for distribution.  
Check out this link.


SO his and mine plan to gaining worldwide exposure and extensive exposure in the US.
 and other countries.

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