How do I earn money from Youtube Project videos

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Today I will talk about How do I earn money from Yoga Youtube Project videos. 

for corporates videos, Industrial videos, social media videos, commercial & advertising, and promotional videos. 

we have many clients and many ongoing projects.

In the Videography business, key points are high-quality work and networking. 

we got a couple who wants to start their own youtube channel and keen to earning money from youtube.

They were influenced by one of his friends who is making kids and toys videos. we worked with them too. and they are earning quite well from the youtube. so they recommend our ILO team for this yoga youtube project.

There are very dedicated and passionate about their work "yoga" They have good knowledge about yoga and other body fitness skills. 

after a few meetings, we signed the agreement for 20 youtube yoga videos in the next 3 months. so our team starts working on it. we have the plan to shoot and edit our first yoga video for youtube. what we need is a good script about the yoga written content. so we were discussing yoga Asanas and Mudras. when we were meeting we tried some yoga too, you don't believe it but it was a great experience for me and my ILO team.

Starting from the beginning, we start working on script according to the client and explain to them how to deliver that content effectively and more engaging for the target audience. so we set our goal and start working on it.

The main key person of this project from the ILO team is Rajneesh Mishra ..who executes the whole project and works with the cameraman, graphic designer and video editor very well. and he is good at client satisfaction too. Ajay was the camera person he did a very good job, Shivani did her great work as a graphics designer for text animation, youtube thumbnail graphics and social posts. AND best was as per client Video editor which was done by Raja. he has a 5-year experience in video editing, he worked with several known companies as a video editor.

The challenging part is shooting in covid-19 lockdown, as we know that coronavirus disease. Police did not allow us to shoot on outdoor shooting. so we postponing every week. but after lockdown, we got a chance to shoot out a first yoga video. and here is the result. 

It was good teamwork.


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