Hello friends

My name is Akhilesh Tripathi and I am an indie filmmaker/Art director/Founder. I have worked with serval agencies like DD NEWS, PBNS, MTV India and Zamato etc. I have started filmmaking ideas in school time.

So I started learning filmmaking and story writing. I did theatres and commercial to know about the industry. later on, pursued NSD (National School of drama) and FTII (Film and television institute of India) for professional directing and acting. now I m on IMDB

In 2012, I was looking for film investors who can invest little money in my film. But, I didn't get any producer or sponsorship. After that, I got a job (2014) as a Video editor and invest my money to make a simple short film with the best available resources for festivals.  And started traveling to interesting places and meet strange people to know the different people's characters to explore and expand my vision.

There are so many challenges to make a film. like Tight budget, Equipment, 
Actors and the crew team.etc

My first project was the "WhatNext" experiment film with my friends. 
If you are a filmmaker (director) you need a small team 

Experienced Actors 
Crew members
Scriptwriter/dialog writer 
Production manager
Video editor 
Graphics Designer

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I launched our video production company, ILO Production, in Delhi back in May 2020. Fast forward 2+ years and we created a production company from the ground up, quadrupling our revenue in the process. We’re a small production company compared to competitors, but we’ve managed to surpass our wildest dreams in an incredibly competitive field.
While it’s easy to say the success of a production company is attributed to what happens behind the camera lens, it’s just as important to understand and build your business through a marketing perspective.
So for all the business owners looking for promotional & corporate video to market your products & services to grow, contact us


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