Basic Filmmaking

Everyone has to go through their own journey of discovery, wonder, failure and success, studying, sleepless nights and long work days to achieve anything in any profession.
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I believe that the only way the world will ever become better is by sharing experiences and teaching each other, making ones’ own path easier for the next person to walk on, until it is a highway for thousands. The more people become successful in one field, and the quicker they learn their skillset, the more likely it is that one of them will discover something that pushes the envelope even further, and expands the possibilities of everyone else.
And, to that end, FILM LTK has quite a bit to offer; some of which comes from Toby himself, the rest of which comes from around the web:
Nothing can substitute experience, but it never hurts to prepare yourself ahead of time as much as possible. Of course, the proliferation and accessibility of filmmaking information is a central theme 'round these parts, not to mention many other sites. Given the expansiveness of the web, actually finding the information is as key as the information itself. It's compendiums like FILM LTK that make a potentially overwhelming volume of material surmountable. FILM LTK is a resource of resources and one that can continue growing.
Even after a year of gathering, I'm sure FILM LTK barely scratches the surface of what's out there, and on that note, Toby is taking requests. He says he's ready and willing to expand on his list give any suggestions and tip-offs from the community. So, be sure to feast your eyes on his keen compiling, and let Toby know if he's missed something!

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